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def ubuntuone::devtools::testcase::BaseTestCase::tmpdir (   self  )  [inherited]

Default tmpdir: module/class/test_method.

Definition at line 81 of file testcase.py.

00081                     :
        """Default tmpdir: module/class/test_method."""
        # check if we already generated the root path
        root_dir = getattr(self, '__root', None)
        if root_dir:
            return root_dir
        MAX_FILENAME = 32 # some platforms limit lengths of filenames
        base = os.path.join(self.__class__.__module__[:MAX_FILENAME],
        # use _trial_temp dir, it should be os.gwtcwd()
        # define the root temp dir of the testcase, pylint: disable=W0201
        self.__root = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), base)
        return self.__root

    def rmtree(self, path):

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